The Snow Queen Video - Kerry Darlington

September 28, 2016

The Snow Queen Video - Kerry Darlington

At last we can reveal the full length video for The Snow Queen.....

Filmed in some of the places most dear to Kerry along the North Welsh coast, we get a glimpse into Kerry's inspirations and processes. 



This beautiful piece is based on the folklore tale by Hans Christian Anderson in which an enchanted mirror has been cursed by an evil troll so that anyone who looks within it only sees the bad and ugliness. The antagonist tries to carry the mirror to heaven to try and bewitch the angels, but the mirror slips out of his hands and falls to earth shattering into millions of pieces. Humanity is engulfed by the dust of the mirror, and many are put into a dark spell.

Years later, young children Kay and Gerda are playing together, and small shards of the mirror get into Kay’s eyes and heart. The only thing to appear beautiful to him are snowflakes dancing in the sky during the winter; after the flurry Kay sneaks out to follow the Snow Queen who is sleighing through the town. She takes him back to her palace, kissing him once to numb him from the cold, a second time to make him forget his family and Gerda. Gerda is heartbroken and searches for Kay tirelessly, before entering the Snow Queens domain. She cries with relief when she finds him almost frozen, and her warm tears of love dislodge the mirror shards from him eyes and he is finally happy once again.

The piece is also in part inspired by the young White Witch, Jadis, in the Chronicles of Narnia, and so is an amalgamation of the two characters, written decades apart.

Kerry Darlington on Location

The Snow Queen was influenced by Kerry's wanderings across the rugged Welsh coastline, it made sense to film her in the process of gaining inspiration in the atmospheric wintry conditions before heading to her home studio and taking up the brush!

The derelict lighthouse that features in this video is a favourite spot for Kerry to look out of her beloved landscape and dream: we really hope you enjoy the result of her enigmatic imagination.

Kerry Darlington's Snow Queen in Production

Here are a few pictures of the North Wales shoot. That's Wyecliffe Director Ben looking really cool with the ice-cream and shades; while that handsome fella in the blue shirt is me! You wouldn't believe the amount of post-production it took to make me that presentable....

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