British Life

British Life Collection

The British Life Collection displays a body of artworks that impose different mediums, themes, and styles from a handful of Wyecliffe's creative artists... From the original acrylic on board harbour scenes of Anne Blundell to the compressed areas of cityscape life in London, the British Life Collection showcases the diverse cultures and lifestyles that these artists enthusiastically recreate as British Life holds so many elements to be proud of and enjoy. Artists from this sought-after Collection include Jo Bowen, Paola Cassais, Chris Chapman, Rozanne Bell and Anne Blundell.

Paola Cassais Racing the Wind - Original $1,197.00 USD
Andrew Grant Kurtis The Thames Sparkles At Night - Original $657.00 USD
Beatriz Sugar Garden - Original $1,100.00 USD
Beatriz Dreamland - Original $1,100.00 USD
Anne Blundell Dungeness - Original $1,445.00 USD
Anne Blundell Henley Boating - Original $1,445.00 USD
Anne Blundell Daffodil Pickers Lunch - Original $1,445.00 USD
Beatriz Lavender Blossom - Original $1,100.00 USD
Simon Wright Pink City - Original SOLD Sold
Anne Blundell Dolphin Bay - Original - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Flying High - Original - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Evening Sky - Original - SOLD Sold
Paola Cassais House Rules - Original - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Chapel Bay - Original - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Mill Harbour - Original - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Indigo Bay - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell It's Summer Again - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Silent Night - Original -SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Town of Cheer - Original SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Mystic Bay - Original - SOLD Sold
David Renshaw Our Edinburgh - Original - SOLD Sold