Cheeky Monkey

Light-hearted Art

Art needn’t be so high brow; introduce comedy to your home with our selection of the wittiest artists working on the contemporary scene. From the cheeky chimps that emerge from the ink works of Scott Tetlow, to Chris Chapman’s sardonic view of the great museums and art galleries of the world, there is choice for every sense of humour.  Browse our exclusive collection of smirk-inducing art and get inspired today.

Chris Chapman Double Shredder - Edition $741.00 USD
Scott Tetlow Jungle Dreams - Original $3,421.00 USD
Scott Tetlow Swingin' In The Rain - Edition $816.00 USD
Chris Chapman Feathers and Fries - Original $2,530.00 USD
Scott Tetlow What You Imagine, You Become - Edition $816.00 USD
Scott Tetlow See, Speak and Hear No Evil - Edition $816.00 USD
Scott Tetlow Chimps and Gravy - Edition $816.00 USD
Scott Tetlow Puzzled - Edition $816.00 USD
Scott Tetlow Space Hop - Edition $816.00 USD
Mr Malcontent Kids Take Over - Original $2,674.00 USD
Mr Malcontent Imperfection is Beauty - Original $2,674.00 USD
Mr Malcontent Love Bomb - Original $2,674.00 USD
Mr Malcontent Toxic Waste - Original $2,674.00 USD