The Messengers

Artist: Kerry Darlington
Medium: Unique Edition Print with mixed media and resin. Each piece is unique.
Image Size: 24" x 24"
Framed Size: 30" x 30"
Edition Size: Only 195 Worldwide, plus 20 Artist Proofs
Frame: Large signature Kerry Darlington Silver/Blue frame
Other Frames are available. Call 01932 847 939

In Stock - Ready to Ship

In Kerry Darlington's own words
"Sometimes a Messenger appears in your life so forcefully that you cannot ignore them. They may come to you in any disguise and say or do something which makes you question your old ideas of reality. They may carry layers of ancient knowledge and lore that you had long forgotten. Knowledge that radiates from the earth, from nature and from the beings that are truly in tune with it. We often see animals as inferior to ourselves, when in fact they are so connected to the truth and the world around us that they can be our wisest teachers when we let them." 




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