Enchanted Forest Collection - Becky Smith

A compelling journey of imagination into other worlds, fairy lights and magical toadstools illuminate the woodland as pioneering young artist Becky Smith unveils her specular ‘Enchanted Forest’ collection, created exclusively for Wyecliffe Galleries. A bespoke series of just 7 original paintings, a dream-like reality emerges from each circular composition.

With touches of a space odyssey set within a moonlit paradise, each painting introduces an enigmatic narrative conjured from science fiction, fairy tale and natural wonder alike.  Charged with UV pigment, each work radiates a luminous glow when darkness arrives; daydreams therefore quickly turn into mesmerising night-time fantasies.  Discover the collection exclusively below now. 

Becky Smith Enchantment - Original €1.178,95 EUR
Becky Smith Pathway To Happiness - Original €941,95 EUR
Becky Smith Extraterrestrial - Published Original €2.481,95 EUR
Becky Smith Mindfulness - Original €1.178,95 EUR
Becky Smith Enticing - Original - SOLD Sold
Becky Smith Awakening - Original - SOLD Sold