Extremes Collection

Well selected art can transform a space through its vast proportions or clever use of miniature dimension. With striking impact at any scale, we celebrate some of our most versatile painters in the wildlife, cityscape and landscape genres who have crafted extreme works big and small for our collectors to enjoy this week.

Proving that art can be collected for display in all styles of property, our artists continue to inspire every day with their incredible talent to compose compelling works in extreme scales.

Simon Wright Canal Side - Original €1.965,95 EUR
Beth Nicholas Two For Joy - Original €434,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Purple Rain - Original €303,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Silver Bloom Mini - Original €196,95 EUR
Harry Brioche Sunlit Waters - Original €952,95 EUR
Kate Taylor From The Orange Mini - Original €196,95 EUR
Beth Nicholas Sands Of Time - Original €434,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Showers Mini - Original €196,95 EUR
Rozanne Bell Red Breast - Original - SOLD Sold
Rozanne Bell Rocky - Original - SOLD Sold