Lhouette Portraits

Lhouette Portraits Collection

With a fascination for the concept of fame, Lhouette has built an exceptional catalogue of portraits dedicated to iconic faces and glamourous muses alike. Painstakingly forged from layers of hand-cut stencils, every contour and shadow making up these famous features are re-imagined in the artists unique vision. Boutique edition Taylor Made is an elegant homage to the golden age of cinema; contrasted by the sultry duo editions of Beautiful Species whose electric blue and bright pink hairstyles are born straight from the pages of Vogue. A commentary on our obsession with appearance, Lhouette’s presents a pioneering contribution to this classic art genre.

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Enlistment - Original
€2.977,95 EUR
Enlistment - Original €2.977,95 EUR
Ms Grey - Original
€2.977,95 EUR
Ms Grey - Original €2.977,95 EUR
Pachirisu - Original
€2.977,95 EUR
Pachirisu - Original €2.977,95 EUR
We Use Cookies - Original €2.977,95 EUR
Caramel Cat - Original
€2.977,95 EUR
Caramel Cat - Original €2.977,95 EUR
Young Lust - Last Edition €1.899,95 EUR

Private Collections

As Lhouette’s primary representative, Wyecliffe Galleries has served clients reaching from the US to Hong Kong; displaying Lhouettes artwork in the homes of private collectors worldwide. Contact us to further discuss your requirements.