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Something we have been working on for a while is compiling a retrospective in the form of an artbook for Kerry's artwork, and here it finally is. We are thrilled to announce that with selected purchases we will be gifting you the first-edition print of our Kerry Brochure. Full to bursting with the best of Kerry's work, including behind-the-scenes images and insights into the mind behind the artwork.


In-Depth Product Insights

We have selected from both new and archived artworks by Kerry to showcase the breadth of her work. Showcasing not only the key information you'll need on each piece but also in-depth looks into the concepts and stories behind these stunning artworks. Hear from Kerry herself on her influences and creative processes.
Each artwork also has a code to scan that will take you to the relevant page on our website where you can see more detailed photos so you can easily add them to your collection.

WIP And Behind the Scenes Images

Being the flagship gallery for Kerry's and representing her vision for over a decade, you can find exclusive images behind-the-scenes in the Darlington studio. We also showcase photos from her many live and virtual show events, including 'The Rose Garden' and 'By The Light Of The Moon'.

Guided Tour Through Kerry's Collections

We have chosen Kerry's most iconic collections and filled them with both standout and perhaps lesser-known works. Highlighting the variety of influences, styles and iconography Kerry has utilised through the years.

Photos From Our Collectors

This book also features photos from our amazing Kerry collectors. Over the years Kerry's work has, quite rightfully, amased a dedicated following of collectors who have kindly allowed us to show you thier personal Kerry collection. We always love to see the artwork find it's place in a loving home and to show our thanks for those that have shared with us.

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