Mediums in Art

Wyecliffe mediums media resin oils acrylics

Traditionally oil paints were favoured by artists for their richer pigments which whilst taking some time to dry created great surface texture. Acrylics previously were seen as a lesser medium with a flatter finish, however with modern evolution they are often used in contemporary art where they rival oil paints for variety and vibrancy in colour. With the advantage of drying quickly (often within as little as an hour), this has given artists the opportunity to paint with great speed and complexity, adding multiple layers over a shorter period of time.

Many of the artists The Wyecliffe Galleries represents use a combination of oil and acrylics, befitting from the best of both worlds; utilising both for the widest range of painting techniques. Ever experimental, our artists have produced outstanding original works using graffiti spray paints, Dulux matte house paint, gold and silver leaf foil, glow in the dark charged powder, inks, metallic pen and even collages from stamps and tax discs - the list is endless!

All original works are finished with a UV protecting layer of varnish or resin which will keep your collection fresh for a lifetime. 

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