A Paper Moon - Edition


Folk of the Fae Tree - Edition


Owlets Hollow - Edition


Flight Over St Pauls - Edition


Peacock Dance - Edition


Owlets Hollow - Original - SOLD


Pantheress - Edition


Folk of the Fae Tree - Original


Cyrus - Original


Keeper of Dreams - Original


Peacock Dance Mural - Original


A Paper Moon - Original - SOLD


Pantheress - Original - SOLD

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Joining Kerry Darlington’s legendary series of compact portraits, ‘A Paper Moon’ reflects the artists continued curiosity with transformation and the act of creation possessing the ability to change the perception of objects and places. Describing the concept, Darlington muses; “This piece plays with ideas between illusion and reality. I like to use origami in my work because it is just paper, made to look like something else. I liken this to how we all live our lives, how much of what our eyes see and tell us is actually reality and how much is conditioning, or illusion.”

Joining an ensemble of titles whose focus is the Japanese craft of origami such as ‘The Swan Princess’, ‘The Paper Boat’, and ‘Wish Upon a Paper Butterfly’, Darlington’s newest composition ‘A Paper Moon’ unites ongoing themes and ideas from the very heart of her artistic practice. This breath-taking original offers the viewer more with every glance; the intricacy of paintwork a testament to Darlington’s unrivalled draughtsmanship. The stunning muse possesses a translucent finish reflecting the artists technique of layers of matte resin and acrylic paint which beautifully balances with the shimmering metallic silver leaf woven throughout her dress.

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