Mondrian Mickey

Artist: Tennessee Loveless
Medium: Giclee on Textured Canvas
Image Size: 19" x 19"

Edition Size: 23 + 2AP's + 2HC's + 1PP + 5 Roman 
Framed Size: TBC
Frames are available. Call 01932 847 939


What is the first piece that comes to mind
when you think about the words “modern
or contemporary art”?
More than anything, people said:
1. Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn”
2. Picasso’s “Still Life with Guitar”
3. Mondrian’s “Composition Series”
This to me makes perfect sense. Even
saying the word “Mondrian”, your mind
suddenly flashes into a geometric ballet of
lines that criss cross against your pupils.
Personally when I close my eyes, I too, see
Mondrian in my mind, swimming in a sea of
straight lines through hot and cool tubes
into mind flattening white sectioned off
emptiness. It is the mathematical precision
that speaks of logic and harmony and at
times, to myself in isolation.

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