A Paper Moon - Edition


Folk of the Fae Tree - Edition


Owlets Hollow - Edition


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Peacock Dance - Edition


Owlets Hollow - Original - SOLD


Pantheress - Edition


Folk of the Fae Tree - Original


Cyrus - Original


Keeper of Dreams - Original


Peacock Dance Mural - Original


A Paper Moon - Original - SOLD


Pantheress - Original - SOLD

Fascinated by the rich symbolism of the black panther, Kerry Darlington presents the first work to be considered a Pre-Raphaelite in over 5 years, ‘Pantheress’. A remarkable addition to this renowned collection, the choice of this feline is an embodiment Darlington’s spiritual outlook. Thought to represent notions of the feminine and the dark mother, as well as protector of the universe – of especial interest to the artist is the Shamanic notion that the panther can enable astral travel. Darlington comments, “I depicted the panther here as a guardian of the feminine and wanted the background to have an otherwordly feel, so it could be space, or a dream, or deep underwater.....”.

Though often thought to be pure black, Darlington has brought to life the subtle patterns that panthers coats possess; featuring the same markings as leopards and jaguars, this softer appearance is known as ‘ghost striping’. This extraordinary unique edition features subtle indentations on the surface, perfectly mimicking the markings of the panther and are visible in strong lighting. Embellished with flecks of metallic leaf, ‘Pantheress’ is finished with her signature gloss resin, and every edition is offered with a highly coveted free charm.

Kerry Darlington infront of her then unfished original artwork 'Folk of the Fae Tree'

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