The Amazing Spider-Man #316 - Venom Is Back! - RARE

Artist: Todd McFarlane
Image Size: 50" x 34"
Framed Size: 53.5" x 38.25"
Edition Size: Limited Edition Boxed Canvas of 9
Frame: Black square tray frame as shown
Other Frames are available. 
Call 01932 847 939


Venom has escaped from a high security prison and returns to his New York fallout shelter hideout.
Peter and MJ have been evicted from their Bedford Towers condo and are currently living with Aunt May.
The Black Cat tracks Peter to Bedford Towers hoping to restart their relationship but finds the apartment empty. Venom appears and mercilessly beats her, seeking Peter's location, but the Cat doesn't know. Through her agony, her one thought is that Venom mentioned Peter has a wife which she didn’t know. MJ spots Venom and tells Peter.
Spidey searches and finds him at a meat packing plant. As they fight, Venom dumps a vat of blood and offal on Spidey who panics and flees. Venom finds Spidey's civvies with a "We've Moved" note showing May's Forest Hills address.
Published: June 10, 1989

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