Wolverine #67 - Valley O' Death! - RARE

Artist: Mark Texeira
Image Size: 50" x 34"
Framed Size: 53.5" x 38.25"
Edition Size: Limited Edition Boxed Canvas of 9
Frame: Black square tray frame as shown
Other Frames are available. 
Call 01932 847 939


Logan has travelled to the former USSR believing it is 1968 and has to complete his mission to eliminate Terry Austin. He’s gunned down and left for dead, the assailants only leaving his Wolverine costume, which Logan has no memory of.
The X-Men are trying to find Wolverine to stop him killing his future self. They track down Maverick for more information. It is found that Terry Austin was a codename for a mission to get on board a former space station.
In the meantime, the robbers who attacked Wolverine find out he has a bounty on his head. They return for his body to find he has gone. They are later attacked and slain by Wolverine who uses their outfits and a fake security pass to gain access to the facility.
As the X-Men speed off towards Russia to save Wolverine, he meets with a young girl who agrees to take him to see the Soviet Super-Astronaut. This story is continued in the next issue….
Published: March, 1993

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