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Terry Bradley at Wyecliffe

We are very excited to announce that we are adding the magnificent artwork of Terry Bradley to our collection at the Wyecliffe Gallery.

Terry's bold paintings are full of drama and mysterious characters. A Wyecliffe favourite entitled 'Justice' combines the iconic superhero with Bradley's signature tattoos and dark shadows. 

Dubbed 'The new Peter Howson', Terry Bradley was born in Belfast in 1965. He grew up on the Shankill Road and so his mother tried to keep him inside away from the “Troubles”. Throughout his childhood his was particularly interested in reading ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin’, and through his art we can see that he was influenced by these drawings.
Bradley first began painting in order to calm his nerves, he found himself in his element when trying to depict his subject on paper. His early work was inspired by the years that he lived and worked in Belfast. His distinctive line drawings and atmospheric paintings capture the mood of many of Dublin and Belfast‘s most memorable nightclubs and bars. His work also features strong women, mainly from the modelling and fashion industry.

The two sides of his artwork reflect the conflict in Bradley’s personality, with his self-confessed manic, dark side at odds with calmer more gentle periods. Bradley had established himself in the art world from an early age and his work now features in collections all across the world; he has a range of limited editions and originals and he also creates hand-embellished editions, which are truly stunning as well as unique.

Bradley's work is exhibited not only in the UK and Ireland but also in Spain and the US. His collectors include U2 singer Bono and Boyzone's Ronan Keating and he has collaborated with brands such as Harley Davidson and Nokia.

Click here to view our Terry Bradley collection. These pieces are available as a Limited Editon giclee print on canvas or a hand embellished limited edition on canvas.