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About Anthony Lewis - Brand Manager

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After gaining his Media Arts Honours Degree in New Zealand, Anthony returned to his native UK for the first time since he was a small child. Inspired by the sheer scope of the arts industry, he began his career at a variety of galleries, mainly in a design and communications. Moving into the heritage sector for 10-years; Anthony worked as a Guide Trainer at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and as a video contributor for Londonist. He also became a Voiceover artist, narrating promos for Travel Channel, Sony and the Company of Heroes computer game series before returning to the contemporary art scene.... Wyecliffe!

What do you love about Wyecliffe Galleries?

My favourite part of the job is creating the videos, cinemagraphs and social media content that lets us communicate with our community of collectors and artists: as well as photo-processing the artwork for print and screen at as high a quality as possible. Working with such a variety of artists allows me to play with a range of moods, atmospheres and genres; which is immensely satisfying. I particularly like the haunting, dreamlike disquiet of Shazia's later works, as well as the utterly singular portraits of Amylee.In my spare time, I'm a proud board-member of 'Friends of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs' assisting in the restoration of these very different artworks. I'm also a keen Elizabethan architecture fan and history buff. My biggest fear is falling down an up escalator indefinitely.