Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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Nuria Miro - The Heart of the Beach


The Artist Nuria Miro:

Born in 1961 by the sea in the heart of the Spanish port town of Alicante, it is little wonder that Nuria Miro captures the changing expressions of the Mediterranean shores with an intimate knowledge. Leading up from the narrow streets of the old city of Barrio de la Cruz, the medieval Castillo de Santa Barbara is positioned with a bird’s eye view of the idyllic coastline, stretching for miles. As a child, the artist would sit daydreaming, watching the clouds cast wispy single shadows lazily over the sun baked Spanish scene.

Bikes on the Beach close up

Training at the School of Arts and Crafts in her hometown was promptly followed by further refinement of skill at the College of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia.  Art is engrained in the very heart of Miro; her namesake cannot help by bring to mind one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th Century in the staccato lines of another of Spain’s greats, Joan Miro. Her inherent connection to art is further made by her marriage to painter and sculpture Antonio Garcia whose own reputation and talent is also of equal outstanding stature.

 Fine Art Collection by Nuria Miro

Evolving from years of dedicated experimentation, an expressive yet delicately accurate series of paintings emerged. Clean rays casting long shadows on the ensemble of cosmopolitan characters, every figure is clothed in colour and bathed in light. In each painting a common aesthetic endures; pristine washed canvas pieces which from a distance convince the eye of their acrylic smoothness.  Peer closely though and the figures emerge as deftly placed daubs of pure paint sitting neatly atop the creamy backgrounds. Miro masters three dimensional perspective with aplomb, creating the perfect optical illusion to carry her theme.

 Oil Painting on canvas

Better known for its frenzied night life, many such works have been inspired by the white sands, turquoise shores and water-crashed bays of the holiday haven of Ibiza. With an allegorical flavour, the pieces gaze with longing at simple uncomplicated beach days, free of cares and worries. There is a place for everyone in every picture, the individual stroller, the family with a new born in pram and the couple on a beachside date. Sometimes arranged chaotically across the sand, rarer compositions shape the beachgoers into symbolic motifs; hearts send love, doves offer peace.  Other series have explored the technicolour architecture of the private dwellings of the island natives, hinting at a serene existence enjoyed by the small population in stark contrast to the swell in numbers in the annual migration of leisure seekers. 


Nuria Miro - Seascape Painting

Gently confident, the paintings of Nuria Miro have entered a genre of artistic heritage in which there are many artists who have interpreted seascapes and beach scenes. Her paintings have entered Wyecliffe Galleries with a dazzling freshness and striking perspective, contributing to an enduring summer season of outstanding talent.


Original Painting on Canvas by Nuria Miro

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