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Nuria Miro

Born in 1961 by the sea in the heart of the Spanish port town of Alicante, it is little wonder that Nuria Miro captures the changing expressions of the Mediterranean shores with an intimate knowledge. Leading up from the narrow streets of the old city of Barrio de la Cruz, the medieval Castillo de Santa Barbara is positioned with a bird’s eye view of the idyllic coastline, stretching for miles. As a child, the artist would sit daydreaming, watching the clouds cast wispy single shadows lazily over the sun baked Spanish scene.  Long shadows punctuate the dreamy bleached original works from the artist inspired by her childhood. Miro is also married to famous painter Antonio Garcia whose talent and influence continues to inform her Ibiza-inspired pieces in the comfort of their adjoining studios. 

Nina Miro Dancing Waves - SOLD Sold
Nina Miro Rough Waters - SOLD Sold
Nuria Miro Seaside Promenade - SOLD Sold
Nuria Miro Beachcombers - SOLD Sold