Christmas with Rozanne Bell

  • 2 min read

With Christmas approaching the Wyecliffe team have ventured out to meet many of our most respected artists to find out what Christmas means to them and a look back over 2017 so far. 

What inspires you most at this time of year? 

"At this time of year I find I paint my best flowers, wishing myself to be frolicking in a meadow on a warm sunny day. Never one to face the reality of the world outside my studio. Cold, wet and dark equals "up the vibrancy"

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

"Even though I have 7 adult children ranging from 28 to 19 I still adore doing them stockings! I make it my mission to find them the most bizarre things suiting their personalities. Watching them laughing at how hilarious I think I am always amuses! There is nothing quite like Christmas banter " 

What is your favourite Christmas memory? 

"Our first Christmas in the uk 2002. There is nothing like a British Christmas." 

What are your plans for 2018? 

"To keep moving forward with my art and to take the time to explore new techniques. I thrive on moving on"

What have been your Highlights of 2017 ?

"Abstracts because they are so hard to get right ( not that I necessarily have) but they are really therapeutic to do. And going back to my old African flower style with the hanging gardens. So much more freedom" 

"Do you have any New Year resolutions?"

"I always have about 25654 but like most of us I fail most at the first hurdle."

In the coming weeks, to celebrate the festive season we'll be catching up with more of our fabulous artists including Lhouette, David Renshaw, Kerry Darlington and more in their studios to find out how they like the spend the Christmas period!