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Allan Storer

Allan is a post-graduate of the Chelsea School of Art and Design working on large and small scale abstract canvasses, enthusing aestheticism to residential and contract projects for interior designers and art galleries. His work has been exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in the Mall Galleries, London, museums and public art galleries.

Private collections include an UAE Royal Household, villas in the south of France and executive developments in the UK and USA. Included in the Public Catalogue Foundation of paintings in the national collection sponsored by the BBC. Allan Storer is a member of the Federation of British Artists and the Hesketh Hubbard Art Society.

Painting in studios in London and St. Ives, Cornwall, his abstract works are primarily impasto oil with some in mixed media and acrylics; influenced by Gerhard Richter's squeegee technique and the contemporary styles of Kiefer, Rothko and Pollock.

Allan Storer Still Night - Original $532
Allan Storer Spindrift Pages - Original $1,176
Allan Storer Secret Lights - Original $532
Allan Storer Urban Sense - Original $1,498
Allan Storer Secret Stages - Original $961
Allan Storer Singing Light - Original $1,289
Allan Storer Trade of Charms - Original $698
Allan Storer Blissful Expression - Original $3,113
Allan Storer Azalea Quivering - Original $1,772
Allan Storer Waste Land - Original $1,713
Allan Storer Fleeting Ideas - Original $1,986
Allan Storer Coastal Fields - Original $2,142
Allan Storer Latent Energy - Original $2,142
Allan Storer Astral - Original $2,142
Allan Storer Manifestation - Original - SOLD Sold Out
Allan Storer Steel Parade - Original - SOLD Sold Out
Allan Storer Trance - Original - SOLD Sold Out
Allan Storer Astetic Nature - Original - SOLD Sold Out
Allan Storer Natural Energy - Original - SOLD Sold Out
Allan Storer Overt Conciousness - SOLD Sold Out
Allan Storer Latent Flows - Original - SOLD Sold Out
Allan Storer Street Spirits - SOLD Sold Out
Allan Storer Coming Philosophy - SOLD Sold Out