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Animals and Wildlife Art

The Animals & Wildlife Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries includes a host of originals, editions and prints from the mythical animals of Kerry Darlington to the Beatrix Potter inspired creatures of Rozanne Bell. Recent creators from this genre also cover Lyndsey Selley's 'big cats' and Becky Smith's nature-influenced birds.

Becky Smith Gold Dust - Original $3,037.00 USD
Lyndsey Selley The Explorer - Original $2,185.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Kirjava - Boutique Edition $968.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Kirjava - Published Original $5,227.00 USD
Lyndsey Selley Companions - Original $2,428.00 USD
Mr Malcontent Black Panther - Original $2,307.00 USD
Faye Nasser Joley Starburst - Original $1,394.00 USD
Becky Smith At Peace - Original $1,820.00 USD