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Contemporary International Cityscapes

Wyecliffe has always acknowledged the architectural presence and beauty of the capital cities of the world, alongside the talented artists few and far between who have carved out their own niches, our selective group of cityscape talent has been underlined by a habit of capturing the personality of these wonderful cities to create engaging artwork. Our Cityscape creators include Simon Wright, Joe Bowen, Paul Kenton, Andrew Grant Kurtis and Veronika Benoni.

Veronika Benoni Tranquil London - Original $2,029
Andrew Grant Kurtis Crack Of Dawn - Original $812
Richard Knight This is London - Original $4,488
Zena Holloway Distill the Moment - Edition $3,496
Veronika Benoni Blue Skies In Florence - Original $1,779
Edward Waite London's Romance - Original $1,436
Simon Wright Clyde Arc Glow - Original $1,555

Exclusive David Renshaw Brochure

David Renshaw City of Stars - Edition $556
Veronika Benoni Ponte di Rialto - Original $1,935
Veronika Benoni Musée du Louvre - Original $1,617

Exclusive David Renshaw Brochure

Veronika Benoni Sunset Glow - Original $1,617
Veronika Benoni Venice Canal - Original $2,029
Veronika Benoni Heart of Amsterdam - Original $1,180

Exclusive Kerry Darlington Brochure

Kerry Darlington Until the Wind Changes - Edition $1,492
Veronika Benoni Evening in Florence - Original $1,811
Allan Morgan London Skyline - Original $593
Ric Duffield The City Skylines - Original $1,055
Mr Malcontent Tiger King - Original $2,366
Simon Wright La Tour Eiffel - Original $1,530

Exclusive Rozanne Bell Brochure

Rozanne Bell Cathedral Sunset - Original $1,367
Simon Wright New Adventures - Original $1,155
Simon Wright Night Adventures - Original $781
Veronika Benoni Autumn Hues - Original $2,116
Veronika Benoni A Trip to the Pisa - Original $1,686
Simon Wright Your Gondola Awaits - Original $1,492
Simon Wright Sunset Over Venice - Original $1,492
Simon Wright Westminster Bridge - Original $1,155
Simon Wright Parisian Nights - Original $1,055
Simon Wright Canal Side - Original $2,060
Simon Wright Autumn Light - Original $1,155
Simon Wright A Glimpse of London - Original $1,218
Simon Wright Burnt Sienna Sky - Original $1,492
Andrew Grant Kurtis Sundown On The Thames - Original $618
Andrew Grant Kurtis Moon River - Original $812
Andrew Grant Kurtis A Glimpse Of Tomorrow - Original $812
Andrew Grant Kurtis Lavender Haze - Original $812
Andrew Grant Kurtis Transported Into The Night - Original $1,243
Veronika Benoni Lazy Day in Amsterdam - Original $1,742
Andrew Grant Kurtis Summer Nights - Original $1,617
Andrew Grant Kurtis Light Shines Through - Original $1,617
Veronika Benoni Strolling In Amsterdam - Original $2,092