Deluxe Murals

Deluxe Murals Collection

The Deluxe Murals Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries showcases some of the Gallery's standout pieces, artists from this Collection comprise of Kerry Darlington with her 8ft x 4ft murals, Robin Eckardt's epic-scale, abstract pieces, Lhouette's large boutique editions and Puritat's figurative portraits. Some of the artists from this Collection have only worked at this scale less than a hand full of times throughout their entire careers – opportunities to secure such works come along even less.

Lhouette Video Heaven Twiggy - Original $41,606.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Peacock Dance Mural - Original $33,290.00 USD
Faye Nasser-Joley Loki - Original $12,477.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Nii-Jima II - Original $9,016.00 USD
Puritat Enticing - Original $9,010.00 USD
Amy Louise The Peacock Dance - Original $2,768.00 USD
Lea de Wit Veil Of Green - Original $15,251.00 USD
Jean Picton The Grand Bouquet - Original $2,352.00 USD
Beatriz Elorza Renaissance - Original $11,791.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Chikurachiki - Original $9,010.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Zheltovsky - Original $9,010.00 USD
Faye Nasser-Joley Pride - Original $13,171.00 USD
Harriet Hoult New Beginnings - Original $8,323.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Komarov - Original $8,316.00 USD
Chris DeRubeis Shockwave - Original POA
Shazia Vida - Original $30,516.00 USD
Shazia Marlee - Original $27,735.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Rainbow Meadows - Original - SOLD Sold
Kerry Darlington The Kalpa Tree - Original - SOLD POA
Kerry Darlington Rubiks - Original - SOLD Sold