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Explore the Night

Moonlight in the depth of the night-time has inspired artists for centuries; offering the ideal evocative setting for adventure and fantasy to take place long after the sun has gone down. From the brightness of the harvest moon, to the inky blues skies of midnight - the darkness allows the creative mind to wander and dream. The ideal palette for Pantones Colour of the Year 2020 ‘Classic Blue’; worlds of art and interiors are once again perfectly attuned, with the colour reflecting a relaxing tone reminiscent of the sky at dusk.

A range of the most admired artists from Wyecliffe’s portfolio have set their incredible works in the mystery of the night. We are pleased to present an exceptional, original artwork, brand new from Becky Smith; in her signature round disc format, the artist explores the qualities of the lunar planet itself. Orbiting the earth and controlling our tides – Smith explores the tranquil seas that illuminate the darkest of nights.

Fiercely believing in the Other World, Kerry Darlington has been fascinated by the Welsh Faeries that dance at night, dedicating numerous titles to this theme including the exceptional piece Faerie Glen. Her most recent solo exhibition By the Light of the Moon presented by Wyecliffe Galleries was dedicated to her long-term adoration to the night-time, with a stand-out boutique edition of the same title released in circle format for the very first time.

From David Renshaw’s journeys with Ted and Doris to the celebrated painterly city works of Andrew Grant Curtis, the moonlight continues to inspire our artists and collectors alike.