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Fabian Perez

Born in 1967, Fabian Perez grew up outside Buenos Aires in a turbulent world of political upheaval during the post-Peron military regime. Such a childhood could not fail to impact on every area of his life including his artistic ethos, especially when taken in conjunction with his unconventional upbringing. At the age of 9 Fabian Perez became fascinated with the paintbrush, and using watercolors and tempera he painted original portraits of his friends and family. His mother, Edua Herreria, a beautiful Brazilian women, met his father, a handsome and charismatic ladies’ man, Antonio Perez, in the late 1950’s, in Campana, a small city outside Buenos Aires. They married and had four children of whom Fabian is the youngest. Edua was the creative force in Fabian Perez's life and Antonio was the inspiration for his work. Fabian Perez witnessed his father’s unorthodox and often difficult life, portraying him in his original paintings as “the cool guy” outside nightclubs and bordellos. Antonio owned a number of brothels and illegal nightclubs in Campana, and was frequently chased and closed down by the police. Nevertheless the young Fabian Perez was constantly exposed to beautiful women who could seduce a man “simply by lighting a cigarette”. Today we see these “ladies of the night” exquisitely portrayed in many of Fabian Perez originals and limited editions - memories of his youth and the nightlife he observed.

Fabian Perez has become one of the most successful international selling artists of our time. Each piece by Fabian is available as a limited edition print in various sizes and prices, we can also acquire original paintings.

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