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Gary McNamara

Gary McNamara Art - Figurative and Portrait Originals

Artist Gary McNamara started out as a freelance illustrator at 27, predominantly working in advertising before moving in to publishing. McNamara’s earlier duties lead to him producing children’s books for the likes of Disney, Thomas the tank engine and Noddy. The figurative-inspired artist then started working for animation company, DreamWorks – creating illustrations for a variety of productions from Captain underpants the movie, Spirit, Shrek, and Madagascar.

An open-minded painter when it comes to his creative process, Gary McNamara experiments with different mediums and techniques to create unique portraits – Gary loves the freedom to express each unique subject and each distinct feature. The middle east acts as a driving influence for his works as the culture excites him for its flamboyancy. To start with, Gary plays around and earmarks the outcome of his paint, using a variety of different techniques where he would then start to create form, using different layers.

An enigmatic fusion of Far Eastern influences elevated with bold primary colours; Gary McNamara looks set to make his mark on contemporary fine art portraiture.