The Gold Collection

The Gold Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries encompasses different themed artworks portrayed in a purposefully luxurious way. From Robin Eckardt's epic-scale abstracts to Amylee's creative application of gold leaf as a medium, a lot of the artworks showcase elements of grandeur and prosperity.

Gareth Tristan Evans Bulletproof - Gold - Edition $1,022.00 USD
Lhouette Hong Kong Dollar - Luigi - Original $1,365.00 USD
Beatriz Secrets and Whispers - Original $1,090.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Midnight Gold- Edition $892.00 USD
Beth Nicholas Shifting Tides - Original $816.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Kirjava - Boutique Edition $1,090.00 USD
Laura Beck Earth - Original $1,090.00 USD