Kerry Darlington Abstracts

The Abstract Collection by Kerry Darlington boasts plenty of texture and water colours that build up artworks like Szerelem, Sapphire, Mauna-Kea, Moon Valley, Nii-Jima I and Nii-Jima II. Kerry Darlington's Abstracts recreates intuitive patterns that connects with the viewers due to it's sheer authenticity for creating something with minimal preparation. It is a different artistic approach for the artist, Kerry Darlington, as her traditional creative processes start with brainstorming on an epic scale, however, there is something incredibly kinetic about Kerry's improvisation which allows her patterns to trickle at every turn.

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Exclusive Kerry Darlington Brochure

Kerry Darlington Encke - Original $1,990.00 USD

Exclusive Kerry Darlington Brochure

Kerry Darlington Heart of Gold - Unique Edition $1,990.00 USD