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Kerry Darlington Deluxe / Murals

The Kerry Darlington Deluxe Murals Collection includes some of the artists most striking compositions on a truly epic scale. Featuring her renowned original mural works of which fewer than 10 have ever been created, most have been debuted at Wyecliffe Galleries unrivalled exhibition with Kerry Darlington, hosted annually. Titles including seminal work Timeless Yearnings, along with ground-breaking piece Bright Eyes, inspired by Watership Down. Kerry Darlington has also transformed some of her most recognised titles in Deluxe XL edition formats, particularly selecting works from the timeless Pre-Raphaelite series. Such examples include Bird of Hera, Ophelia and Lady of Shallot. Other works from Kerry Darlington’s Tree of Life and Alice in Wonderland collections have also been afforded the same deluxe treatment, re-born in scale with exceptional impact. Original abstracts inspired by locations as far reaching as the volcanic regions of South America to the glaciers of Iceland are cast at huge scale; perfect for those who wish the make a statement with a significant original artwork from one the UK’s bestselling artists; Kerry Darlington.

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Kerry Darlington The Gift for the Dreamers - Boutique Edition $2,859.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Nii-Jima II - Original $8,095.00 USD