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Kerry Darlington Nature's Faeries

Magical Sprites and Creatures

Nature's Faeries by artist Kerry Darlington is a mythical Collection inspired by Celtic mythology. Paintings from the Collection include Elixir of Love, Moon Song, Flying Home, Faerie Glen, Celtic Twilight, Faerie Forest, Fairy Lights and Fairy Lanterns. Kerry Darlington's Nature's Faeries live in the Otherworld, a place of magical and fantastical creatures. Existing in harmony with life as we know it, The Otherworld is separate from our reality though accessible from the realms of imagination from all places. This collection includes originals, prints and editions for sale.

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Kerry Darlington Flying Home - Published Original $27,318.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Fairy Lights - Published Original $27,324.00 USD
Kerry Darlington The Elixir of Love - Published Original $14,795.00 USD