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Travel the world through art

The Landscape Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries spans a range of different landscapes from all corners of the world. Available in different mediums like originals, editions and prints. Landscape creators from this Collection include David Renshaw, Anne Blundell, Allan Morgan, Chris Bourne, Harry Brioche, Cat Tesla and John Myatt.

Patrice Erickson Ocean Dawn - Original $1,700.00 USD
Terry Evans Autumn Reflections I $1,613.00 USD
Richard King Purple Rain - Original $2,306.00 USD
Harry Brioche Valley Mist - Original $1,387.00 USD
Mary Johnston A Warm Welcome - Original $2,075.00 USD
Patrice Erickson Ablaze II - Original $1,700.00 USD
Patrice Erickson Finding Peace - Original $1,821.00 USD
Patrice Erickson Here to There - Original $1,821.00 USD
Patrice Erickson Mountain Whisper - Original $1,821.00 USD
Mary Johnston Mystic Meadows - Original $2,075.00 USD
Faye Nasser Joley Perfect Solitude - Original from $2,306.00 USD
Faye Nasser Joley Daydream - Original from $2,306.00 USD
Michael Claxton Violet Haze - Original $2,306.00 USD
Michael Claxton Whirlwind- Original $1,387.00 USD
Michael Claxton After The Storm - Original $2,306.00 USD
Mary Johnston Trees on Thalo - Turqouise - Original $1,382.00 USD
Mary Johnston As Cold As Blue - Original $2,075.00 USD