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Lhouette - Attachment Issues

Lhouette Attachment Issues Collection

Debuted at his first artist attendance since his residency at The Dorchester, 45 Park Lane, Wyecliffe Galleries was excited to unveil Attachment Issues by Lhouette at an exclusive presentation of the same name. A powerful portrait, she wears a headdress of the artist’s signature Pop Maximalist design; a collision of roaring tigers and powerful car engines suggest power and aggression. Wrapped up in the guise of a beautiful female, the composition is an insight into the modern jam-packed mind, unable to concentrate for the distraction of advertising and social media. Available in a boutique edition as well as a deluxe XL, Attachment Issues is an iconic work in the making.

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Private Collections

As Lhouette’s primary representative, Wyecliffe Galleries has served clients reaching from the US to Hong Kong; displaying Lhouettes artwork in the homes of private collectors worldwide. Contact us to further discuss your requirements.