Limited Editions

Limited Editions Collection

The Limited Editions Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries features Boutique Editions hand-crafted by urban-artist, Lhouette, Rare Editions created from storytelling artist, Kerry Darlington, and unique photography shot from the renowned photographer, 'Dook'.

Kerry Darlington Oriental Gold - Unique Edition $1,561.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Midnight Gold- Edition $902.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Kirjava - Boutique Edition $1,103.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Oriental Gold - Deluxe Edition $2,768.00 USD
Gareth Tristan Evans Anatomy of Persephone - XL - Edition from $2,560.00 USD
Gareth Tristan Evans Wing Shot - XL - Edition from $2,560.00 USD
Henri Miller Rendez-Vous - Edition $687.00 USD