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Innocent and Sincere

The Naive Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries covers a range of different mediums and artists from David Renshaw, Amy Louise, Kerry Darlington, Nigel Humphries, Carol Peace, Harry Bunce, Beatriz and Shazia. Predominately includes mediums from oils, acrylics to bronze resin sculptures.

Becky Smith Disney Dreams - Original $1,234.00 USD
Becky Smith The Fairy Forest - Original $1,121.00 USD
Paola Cassais Love For All - Original $1,774.00 USD
Amy Louise Love Is All You Need - Original $1,065.00 USD
Beatriz Childhood Dreams - Original $896.00 USD
Beatriz Technicolour Tree - Original $896.00 USD
Beatriz Sherbert Forest - Original $896.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Princess and the Pea - Edition $1,346.00 USD
Nigel Humphries Hi Puddin - Edition $220.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Celtic Twilight - Rare Edition $3,149.00 USD
Amylee White Snow - Original $1,296.00 USD
Beatriz Sweet Flower Fields - Original $896.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Twilight Symphony - Edition $896.00 USD

Exclusive Rozanne Bell Brochure

Rozanne Bell Tabby - Original $840.00 USD
Amy Louise Together Forever - Edition $547.00 USD