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Los Angeles born, “Neho” is a professional artist specialising in mixed media pieces with pop art elements that aim to capture the vibrant nature of the urban world. Initially having worked in architecture studios across LA, Neho found inspiration in structures and man-made environments, a passion that eventually transitioned to his own art and saw him transfer to galleries across the East Coast. This passion would be further ignited upon visits to the Middle East and Asia.

Experiencing a vast array of manufacturing techniques, and especially drawn to neon signs, Neho made the leap to expressive art, his aesthetic and style capturing the vivid and bright colours found in dense urban environments; developing ways of working with aluminum prints, resin and LEDs, Neho aimed to capture elements of the cities he explored, with a focus on line and form. Pop art and other forms of media are also encapsulated in his work, with a motive to blend the two and create dynamic abstract pieces. Neho would eventually travel to Europe, where he continues to create multimedia pieces, using new techniques to express his vision of the world.
Neho Space - Original £3,495 GBP