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One of a kind artworks

The Originals Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries features abstract, cityscape, floral and wildlife originals. Original artwork is the most surreal interpretation of the artist's mind and creative process. The Originals Collection includes acrylic, oil and watercolour paintings from Laura Beck, Chris Chapman, Rozanne Bell and newly-created sculptures from artist Craig Foord.
Andrei Protsouk Baller - Original £2,995 GBP
Hamish Herd Shining Your Light - Original £2,000 GBP
Andrei Protsouk St Marks Square - Original £2,195 GBP
Andrei Protsouk Appletini App - Original Study £2,195 GBP
Michael Olsen Giallo Flourescente - Original £2,495 GBP
Michael Olsen Arancia Flourescente - Original £2,995 GBP
Wendy Satchwell Coral Reef II - Original £2,450 GBP
Alison Johnson The Twist - Original £2,395 GBP
Alison Johnson Equinox - Original £3,495 GBP
Bozhena Fuchs On The Way To The Sunset - Original £2,995 GBP
Louise Fairchild Autumn Riverside - Original £3,750 GBP
Louise Fairchild August Light - Original £3,750 GBP
Louise Fairchild Quiet Corner - Original £3,750 GBP
Jaanika Talts In A Heartbeat - Original £2,295 GBP
Alexander Rhys Gentle Heart - Original £2,295 GBP
Richard Knight Westminster To The Eye - Original £2,200 GBP
Richard Knight Pink St Paul's - Original £2,100 GBP
Richard Knight Bank And Exchange - Original £2,100 GBP
Hamish Herd Burst Of Light - Original £2,550 GBP
Hamish Herd Rainbow Of Light - Original £2,350 GBP
Michael Olsen Mouvementee - Original £3,995 GBP
Michael Olsen Arboria - Original £4,995 GBP
Ben Riley Wisdom - Original from £2,000 GBP
Ben Riley Strength - Original from £2,000 GBP
Ben Riley Eidetic - Original from £2,000 GBP
Neho Space - Original £3,495 GBP
Jeremy Olsen Gummi Bear - Original Sculpture £3,495 GBP
Jeremy Olsen Labrador II - Original Sculpture £2,695 GBP
Jeremy Olsen Labrador I - Original Sculpture £2,695 GBP
Becky Smith King Of Diamonds - Original £3,295 GBP
Scott Tetlow Our Love - Original £2,495 GBP
Scott Tetlow The Only Way Is Up - Original £2,495 GBP
Scott Tetlow Just Breathe - Original £3,295 GBP
Kimberley Harris Peaceful Retreat - Original £3,250 GBP

Exclusive Kerry Darlington Brochure

Kerry Darlington Spring Dreams - Original £4,495 GBP
Becky Smith Shoot For The Moon - Original £3,695 GBP
Henri Miller Sweetest Time - Original £3,400 GBP
Henri Miller Toxic Love - Original POA
Lhouette Akira - Lemon Drops - Original £2,500 GBP