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Scott Rohlfs

Scott Rohlfs was born in Alaska but raised in the very contrasting landscapes of California, Scott sketched throughout his teens, strongly feeling the pull of portraiture and with early influences including supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

"Art and fashion are cross pollinating more than ever. In fact it's possible that the movement has never been riper"

Today, using the mediums of acrylic, spray and oil paint Scott’s work celebrates both the voluptuousness and the vulnerability of the human form, as well as its continuing odyssey across modes of representation.

 "Like fashion, art should be about making a personal statement"

In particular, Scott pays much attention to the depiction of the eyes as ‘windows to the soul’, evidenced in his work by his almost obsessive inclusion of huge, deep eyes that demand attention and inquiry. A major thrill across Scott’s work is that it immediately invites personal narrative drawn from public, or shared, consciousness and visual language.

Scott’s distinctively assured brush stroke and his innate understanding of contemporary notions of beauty and style have seen him tipped to become one of the great artists of our time.

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