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Sheryl Roberts

Born in Leeds in 1971, Sheryl studied at Jacob Kramer School of Art, then graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University. After 15 years of teaching in schools and colleges in Yorkshire she became a full time artist in 2001 - working from her studio in Hyde Park.

Working mainly in oils and acrylics on large scale canvas, using a pallet knife and brush Sheryl works from photographs and memory. Her latest body of work is directly inspired by the changing chaotic skies in imaginary lands - a place she finds mysteriously fascinating. She revisits a place again and again observing the changing light, colours and moving clouds.

Sheryl's work has been much acclaimed through exhibition and private commission throughout the UK and Europe.

Sheryl Roberts Light the way - SOLD Sold
Sheryl Roberts Abundance - SOLD Sold
Sheryl Roberts Rapture - SOLD Sold
Sheryl Roberts Emergence - SOLD Sold