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Trees Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries contains a series of coastal and landscape art to showcase the variety of vegetation from all corners of the world. Whether it is a collection or stand-alone tree, the artists from this genre are sure to create a liberating presence for your interior. Styles from the Trees Collection include Rozanne Bell's British woodland paintings, Becky Smith's singular trees on aluminium, Kerry Darlington's mythical homes for faeries and Robin Eckardt's tree-like abstracts. Available as originals, editions and prints.


Kerry Darlington Samata - Original $5,343.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Ancient Pathway - Edition $989.00 USD
Becky Smith A Constellation of Stars - Original $1,611.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Faerie Forest - Limited Edition $2,482.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Autumn Days - Original $2,482.00 USD
Mary Johnston Into the Pink Zone - Original $2,855.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Tree of Light - Edition $989.00 USD
Kerry Darlington The Messengers - Edition $989.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Hear My Truth - Original $6,214.00 USD