Beatriz Art is inspired by the vivid colours of florals from her travels across the world and replicated using 3D elements.

Beatriz is an artist who was born in Xátiva, Valencia. As both her parents were actors and they travelled the majority of the time, she spent her childhood in the local library reading and drawing. She is self-taught and began her art career by creating jewellery made from ceramics and resin. Beatriz loves bright colours to capture emotions through the use of striking colours. Latterly, she relocated to Fuenbralada, Spain where she lives with her husband. They often travel around Europe and Beatriz draws inspiration from her travels as they heavily influence her work. 'My Art reflects my feelings memories, passion, and the music of soul’.

Beatriz Technicolour Tree - Original €941,95 EUR
Beatriz Sweet Flower Fields - Original €941,95 EUR
Beatriz Childhood Dreams - Original €941,95 EUR
Beatriz Love Hill Lane - Original €941,95 EUR
Beatriz Secrets and Whispers - Original €941,95 EUR
Beatriz Sherbert Forest - Original €941,95 EUR
Beatriz Enchanted Butterflies - Original €941,95 EUR
Beatriz Copper Wood - SOLD Sold
Beatriz Fuchsia Forest - SOLD Sold
Beatriz Branch of Gold - SOLD Sold