Kerry Darlington Alice in Wonderland

The Alice in Wonderland Collection by artist Kerry Darlington is inspired by Lewis Carrol's immortal characters, surreal worlds and twisted allegories that all provide the ultimate muse for the UK's biggest selling artist. Artworks for sale include A Mad Tea Party, Alice in William Rabbit's House, Alice Finds the Little Door and Alice. The storytelling concept that collectors have become familiar to seeing in Kerry's paintings is easy to notice with her artworks consistently linked with popular scenes from the mythical chronicle, Alice in Wonderland. Beyond this, Kerry Darlington recreates Humpty Dumpty on occasion; found in a matching set or on his own.

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Kerry Darlington Alice In the Rose Garden - Edition €1.061,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington A Mad Tea-Party - SOLD Sold
Kerry Darlington Victoria and Albert Olde Tea Shoppe - Original €2.247,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Alice in William Rabbits House - Deluxe Edition €4.619,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Humpty Dumpty Sculpture - Edition €415,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Alice in Wonderland Sculpture - Edition €415,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Alice - Edition - SOLD OUT Sold
Kerry Darlington Alice - Original - SOLD Sold