The Noir Collection

Wyecliffe Galleries proudly presents The Noir Collection; a series of ground-breaking exclusive new originals and boutique limited editions from our leading artists including David Renshaw, Rozanne Bell and Simon Wright. Commissioned especially for our clients, we gave our creatives an inspirational brief; to take the deep black and pure white of the monochrome palette as the foundation for their newest works.  Using rich contrast and blended paints, we are delighted to unveil a series of landmark works born from the collaboration between gallery and artist.


Faye Nasser Joley Sakshi - Original from €3.441,95 EUR
Faye Nasser Joley Roman - Original from €2.728,95 EUR
Laura Beck Dreaming - Original €1.301,95 EUR
Simon Wright City Hues - Original - SOLD Sold
Mr Malcontent Welcome to the Ritz - Original €2.317,95 EUR
Simon Wright Sunset Over Venice - Original €1.420,95 EUR
Faye Nasser Joley Melody - Original from €3.441,95 EUR
Laura Beck Gold Dust - Original €1.301,95 EUR
Gary McNamara Cherish - Original €1.248,95 EUR
Gary McNamara Disguise - Original - SOLD Sold
Simon Wright Parisian Nights - Original €1.004,95 EUR
Simon Wright Twilight Skyline - Original €1.420,95 EUR
Becky Smith Galactic Flux - Original €2.371,95 EUR
Christine Comyn Yearning - Limited Edition €410,95 EUR
Christine Comyn Midwinter - Limited Edition €410,95 EUR
Christine Comyn Portrait In Sepia - Limited Edition €410,95 EUR
Simon Wright Burnt Sienna Sky - Original €1.420,95 EUR
Brenda Herd Glimmer I - Original - SOLD Sold
Gary McNamara Sunshine - Original SOLD Sold
Brenda Herd Glimmer II - Original - SOLD Sold
Becky Smith Antimatter - Original - SOLD Sold
Laura Beck Silver Streams - Original €885,95 EUR
Rozanne Bell Shake Your Rainbow Feathers - Original €1.301,95 EUR
Gary McNamara Shadows - Original SOLD Sold
Richard King Diamonds and Pearls - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Simon Wright Sunset City - Original - SOLD Sold