The Purple Collection

The Purple Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries is often linked with extravagance, creativity and peace. This collection includes landscape-inspired artist, Allan Morgan, comic hero morphed in to sculpture creator, Nigel Humphries, and floral painter, Beatriz Elorza. A colour that inspires mystery, the artworks form the Purple Collection an act as conversation starters to encourage further innovative ideas. Available in mediums such as originals, editions and prints for sale. 

Brenda Herd Luxury - Original €4.514,95 EUR
Charlotte Green Sheer Grace - Original €1.778,95 EUR
Charlotte Green Sheer Beauty - Original €1.778,95 EUR
Wendy Satchwell Twilight II POA
Amylee Azurine - Original €2.557,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Purple Rain - Original €303,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Indigo Sea - Original €1.368,95 EUR
Wendy Satchwell Gold - Original POA
Andrew Grant Kurtis The Thames Sparkles At Night - Original €565,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Plum Blossom - Edition €707,95 EUR
Alison Johnson Ghost Whispers - Original €7.137,95 EUR
Becky Smith Out of This World - Original €2.254,95 EUR
Becky Smith Through Eternity - Original €1.302,95 EUR
Beatriz Elorza Last Chance - Original €7.607,95 EUR
Alison Johnson Transcend - Original €2.438,95 EUR
Beatriz Elorza Life on Mars - Original €6.537,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Journey to the Ice Palace - Edition €1.064,95 EUR
Allan Storer Azalea Quivering - Original €1.962,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Princess and the Pea - Edition €1.421,95 EUR
Nigel Humphries Clown Prince Of Crime - Edition €232,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Komarov - Original €7.131,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Romeo & Juliet - Edition €1.659,95 EUR
Ken Rausch Glimmer II - Original €707,95 EUR
Stuart McAlpine Miller Spot Me Now - Edition from €892,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Violet Skies - Original €707,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Dragon of Hidden Treasures - Edition €707,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Twilight Symphony - Edition €945,95 EUR
Kate Taylor A Touch Of Pink - Original €1.368,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Blue Waters - Original €469,95 EUR
Beatriz Elorza Riva Del Garda - Original €7.613,95 EUR
Beatriz Elorza Benahavis - Original €6.537,95 EUR
Harriet Hoult New Beginnings - Original €7.137,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Until the Wind Changes - Edition €1.421,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Bird of Hera - Deluxe Edition €2.849,95 EUR
Patrice Erickson Ocean Dawn - Original €1.748,95 EUR
Patrice Erickson River Crossing - Original €232,95 EUR
Patrice Erickson Quiet Reflection - Original €1.064,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Purple Skies - Original €469,95 EUR
Simon Wright Westminster Bridge - Original €1.100,95 EUR
Laura Beck Purpose - Original €1.302,95 EUR
Simon Wright Twilight Skyline - Original €1.421,95 EUR
Craig Foord Purple Rain - Original Sculpture €2.135,95 EUR
Craig Foord Crystalline - Original Sculpture €2.135,95 EUR
Craig Foord Harmony - Original Sculpture €2.135,95 EUR
Becky Smith Microgravity - Original €1.302,95 EUR
Allan Storer Still Night - Original €588,95 EUR
Beatriz Technicolour Tree - Original €945,95 EUR