The Green Collection

The Green Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries spans a range of wildlife and landscape artworks as the colours symbolises growth, authenticity and freshness. Known to be the most restful colour on the eye, our portfolio of artists from Laura Beck, Robin Eckardt, Allan Storer and Kate Taylor incorporate this harmonious colour as it sits fittingly in the contemporary homes of collectors. Available in mediums such as originals, editions and prints for sale.

Richard King Night Fever - Original €1.063,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Triton - Edition €891,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Calm With Pink - Original €386,95 EUR
Mary Johnston A Green Hugh - Original €469,95 EUR
Faye Nasser Joley Peacock Teion - Original €5.937,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Aqua Seaside - Original €1.367,95 EUR
Laura Beck Volvic - Original €1.539,95 EUR
Laura Beck Water Petals Green - Original €588,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Elderberry Tree - Edition €707,95 EUR
Kate Taylor A Distant Shore - Original €707,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Bird of Hera - Deluxe Edition €2.846,95 EUR
Mary Johnston The Trees At Night - Original €469,95 EUR
Allan Storer Secret Lights - Original €588,95 EUR
Allan Storer Singing Light - Original €1.426,95 EUR
Allan Storer Waste Land - Original €1.895,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Boston Ivy Square - Original €1.361,95 EUR
Amylee Amazonie - Original from €2.924,95 EUR
Lea de Wit Veil Of Green - Original €13.069,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington The Elixir of Love - Edition €945,95 EUR
George Ioannou No Mr Bond - Edition €707,95 EUR
Amylee Capucine - Original €1.777,95 EUR
Nigel Humphries Don't Make Me Angry - Edition €231,95 EUR
Robin Eckardt Timelessness - Original POA
Stan Lee The Incredible Hulk #461 €3.506,95 EUR
Stuart McAlpine Miller How Much? - Unspoken Word Edition €4.695,95 EUR
Ken Rausch Argentum IV - Original €350,95 EUR
Ken Rausch Cuprum XXIII - Original €350,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Bird of Hera - Edition €1.604,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Summer Light- Edition €1.063,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens - Edition €1.301,95 EUR
Terry Evans Autumn Reflections I €1.658,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Indigo Sea - Original €1.367,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Reaching For The Sun - Original €1.367,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Wisteria Blue - Original €1.057,95 EUR
Kate Taylor Violet Skies - Original €707,95 EUR
Kate Taylor By The Water's Edge - Original €3.209,95 EUR
Bisaillon Brothers David - Limited Edition €945,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Cool Day - Original €469,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Green Valley - Original €826,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Pink in The Sky - Original €826,95 EUR
Beatriz Elorza Renaissance - Original €10.103,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Striations - Original €826,95 EUR
Jeffrey Bisaillon Beautiful Age - Limited Edition €945,95 EUR
Mary Johnston Trees on Thalo - Turqouise - Original €1.420,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Young Odette - Edition €1.063,95 EUR
Kerry Darlington Birth of An Angel - Boutique Edition €1.182,95 EUR