Fully Insured International Delivery & Free UK Mainland Delivery*

Fully Insured International Delivery & Free UK Mainland Delivery*

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Storing Artwork

Storing your artwork is mostly common sense. Make sure the frame is securely covered with foam or soft padding to ensure that it cannot be chipped or damaged in whilst in storage. Cover the image with a sturdy board, or loose bubble wrap at minimum so that the artwork isn’t exposed to dust and debris.

Avoid bubble wrap pressing against the front of the work as this can cause damage itself. Keep the artwork in a relatively cool (room temperature) and dry place; water is a major threat to the preservation of art and so be sure not to leave it resting against an area of damp or in a non-watertight loft.

  • The Painting is thoroughly examined to ensure pristine condition.
  • Ant specks of dust are removed with a compressed air system.
  • The frame is inspected for a flawless finish.
  • The glass and frame are given a final polish with an anti-static microfibre art cloth.
  • We triple-check the client's shipping details.
  • All hanging fittings, such as wire, hooks and straps are thoroughly inspected for accuracy and secure installation.