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Artist Studios: the Magic Happens Here!

  • 2 min read
Allan Storer's Studio


One of the great things about working in an originals gallery is the close relationships we form with the artists themselves. In my ten years working with Ben and Josie, I've had the pleasure of visiting these artists in-situ at the heart of their creative output: their studios!

Entering these spaces is an immediate, tactile experience: a chance to appreciate the textures, sights and smells of the paints and varnish. It’s also an opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain of the creative process, witnessing the artist’s inspirational material and seeing the works in progress.

A particular highlight of a studio visit is to observe the unique style of each artist – how they arrange their personal spaces and how their workflow influences (and is influenced by) the style of their completed works. Every artist has a unique way of working and a distinctive way of utilising the spaces they have created to fashion art in.

Robin Eckardt's Studio


Robin Eckardt and our new artist Allan Storer prefer communal studios; engaging with other artists in residence and enjoying the creative buzz of a like-minded community.

Allan Storer's Studio


 By contrast, the much-loved Kerry Darlington’s home studio in North Wales is a very quiet, personal space crammed with ‘mood boards’, reference material and walls scrawled with poetry, inspirational quotes and ideas. See her studio in action here!

Kerry Darlington's Studio


 Internationally renowned Alex Echohas a different vibe again…. His large studio is a crisp white zenlike space: meticulously ordered. Both a high-functioning workshop and large-scale showroom for his pristine canvases.

Alex Echo's Studio


 Based near Antiques Row in Atlanta, USA: meditative abstract artist Cat Tesla is positioned close to artisans and art aficionados of all kinds - and also convenient to the lakes and national parks where she hikes and famously gains much of her inspiration. 

Cat Tesla's Studio


 I've also had the pleasure of visiting the workshops of other heroes of the art trade – framers, restorers and printmakers. In particular, our Oil Painting Conservator's studio is a rare chance to see a certified master craftsman at work and an opportunity for me to savour the mood and atmosphere of a fine workshop with its specialised tools, art from every era and a rich history virtually lacquered into the walls!

Oil Painting & Conservation Studio


 Of course, Wyecliffe Galleries have a studio space of its own! Our Weybridge Studio is a fantastic showroom but has also been used by artists to create dynamic, energetic art live on-site! Check out our video and see the ever-popular Shane McCoubrey employ fire, metal, glass and old-fashioned muscle power to create stunning works right here!