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Marvel Superheroes Collection 2015!

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There's a fair amount of Marvel Summer Madness happening at Wyecliffe gallery this week with the release of the fourth installment of 6 new images to join the bestselling portfolio. In collaboration with Marvel mastermind Stan Lee, comic book writer, editor and former chairman of Marvel Comics.

The new collection of hand signed limited edition prints pay tribute to some of Marvel’s most memorable characters; Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, the X-Men and Wolverine – a character published as part of the series for the first time.

With comic sales reaching a new 20 year high in 2014 the demand for collector’s items and comic paraphernalia continues to grow. The ‘Superheroes: Editions of 9’ collection earlier this year (March 2015) became fastest selling series to date – some editions sold out in a record five minutes across its nationwide network of galleries.

Marvel has had a huge impact on popular culture over the last 50 years. Now people have a chance to own their own piece of history with six new works penned and inked by some of the greatest artists of the comic book industry published as limited edition pieces. 

Discover the stories behind each of the Superheroes limited edition prints:



Published: April 10, 1968
Cover artist: Jack Kirby 
Vowing to serve his country any way he could, young Steve Rogers took the super soldier serum to become America's one-man army. The story begins with evil Baron Zemo ordering Agent 13 (who is posing as a spy) to execute Captain America and Black Panther, before using a solar ray to destroy the United States. Agent 13 convinces Baron Zemo that they can execute the heroes after they unleash havoc on America but at the first opportunity she destroys the solar ray controls and joins Captain America and Black Panther in the fight against Baron Zemo.

THOR (1966) #131

Published: August 10, 1966
Cover artist: Jack Kirby 
As the Norse God of thunder and lightning, Thor wields one of the greatest weapons ever made, the enchanted hammer Mjolnir.The story begins with Thor returning to Earth so that he may be reunited with lover Jane Foster. But what Thor doesn't know is that Jane, under the hypnotic suggestion of her roommate Tana Nile, has been convinced to leave New York City. Tana then changes into her true form, as a member of the alien Rigellian race, who plan on attempting to colonize the Earth and kill Thor.

Published: December 10, 1975
Cover artist: John Romita 
Bitten by a radioactive spider, high school student Peter Parker gained the speed, strength and powers of a spider. The story begins with Peter and friends being invited to the engagement party of two friends. Later that night, at the party, the lights suddenly go out, prompting Peter to find out what happened. When he sees that a police helicopter nearby, he hitches a ride on the helicopter and changes into Spider-Man

UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #126
Published: October 10, 1979
Cover artist: Dave Cockrum 
Feared and hated by humans because they're different, the X-Men are heroic mutants, individuals born with special powers who've sworn to use their gifts to protect mutants as well as humans. The story begins with the X-Men rushing to Muir Island to help mutant Lorna Dane who is in trouble. When searching the island Banshee and Cyclops find Lorna and the body of islander Angus MacWhirter. And before long, geneticist Moria MacTaggart tells the X-Men that Mutant X has escaped.

WOLVERINE (1989) #17
Published: Late November, 1989
Cover artist: John Byrne
Born with super-human senses and the power to heal from almost any wound, Wolverine was captured by a secret Canadian organization and given an unbreakable skeleton and claws. The story begins after he has travelled back to his home of Madripoor where he becomes aware of a high profile drugs conspiracy taking place in the city. He tracks a man called Geist throughout the city and learns that he is selling a new chemically formulated type of cocaine that turns people into superhuman beings. It is his duty to stop Geist.

IRON MAN (1968) #126
Published: September 10, 1979
Cover artist: John Romita 
Wounded, captured and forced to build a weapon by his enemies, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark instead created an advanced suit of armour to save his life and escape captivity.The story begins with Tony waking up at enemy Justin Hammer's villa. He has been captured by Hammer who used a machine to control Iron Man’s armor and bring him to the villa. Tony tries to escape but discovers he is on an immense floating craft in the ocean. He manages to distract Hammer’s guards and when Hammer eventually finds him, Tony has transformed into Iron Man…