Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

Free Skull Sculptures worth £395 with all Becky Smith Originals

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Amylee - An Insight

At Wyecliffe Galleries, we ​​like to be close to our artists, to learn more about their history, their inspirations and their references...

Since a very young age, Amylee followed an artistic career. After school or during holidays, she went to artists' studios. Later, she used her brushes and pencils at the Beaux Arts. At the French University, she studied 5 years in Plastic Arts and Design.

Immediately after graduation, Amylee worked in Paris in Fashion, Decoration and Design fields before becoming a full-time painter. These jobs taught her rigour, marketing and teamwork. They also led to a fascinating career, full of nuance and constant exploration. With such a (literally) colourful history, here are some amazing facts you might not know about this distinctive artist...

Her Name Isn't Really Amylee...

Amylee Paris is a nickname. At the University, she begins to sign her artworks with this name to differentiate herself from her classmates who bore the same name as "Emilie". In 2008, when Amylee exhibited in galleries, she added "Paris". A kind of homage to the city that gave birth to her professionally, thanks to the Parisian galleries that exhibited her paintings.

She Hasn't Always Worked in France

Very curious; Amylee likes to live new life experiences. During her personal and artistic career she has had the chance to live in several inspiring cities in France: Nîmes, Toulouse, Paris and then also in London.

After 4 years in the UK, she moved again to paint outdoors: moving to the centre of France. She looks for energizing inspiration, green landscape and being close to nature.

She Likes to Keep Busy

For the promotion of her art, Amylee becomes interested very quickly in the Internet, social networks and blogs. She writes about her full-time job: being a painter -more than 1500 posts have been published to date, based on Amylee's experience and news. Over the years, the little blog has turned into a e-magazine because its publications are full of advice, tips and know-how that appeals to beginner artists .

Amylee writes many articles for magazines, brands and art material suppliers. In March 2019, she was guest of honour at the 2019 Artist Entrepreneurship Summit in Montreal: talking about her job, her challenges and her successes in front of an audience of 150 people.

In addition to her exhibitions and galleries, Amylee also coaches beginner artists.

She Has a Rich Mix of Inspirations

Since 2008, we can note different inspirations in the portfolio of Amylee Paris. Her first inspirations are Gustav Klimt, Alfons Mucha, comics, urban art and stencils. However, portraiture remains the main element. Throughout the years, her style has evolved to impressionist or post-impressionist notes like Monet or Seurat; for instance, details in the treatment of the skin of the characters. Subsequently, the evolution of graphics and colours has brought a romantic floral motif much more to the fore.

Currently, she focuses her artistic research around light, emotions, colour gradients and compositions tending towards abstraction. Inspired by Japanese influences with the philosophy of Kintsugi: she combines gold, cracking and peeling paint, as seen in her most recent artworks.

She is Collected Around the World

As international artist, Amylee exhibits in France, the United Kingdom, Austria and thanks to her gallery in Barcelona, ​​her paintings travel even further. They can be found on many art fairs: New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Amylee's paintings are often represented in prestigious 5-star hotels: Carlton Hotel in Cannes, The Westin, Square Hotel, and Bel Ami Hotel in Paris and the Imperator Hotel in her native Nîmes.

Many collectors are very sensitive to the paintings of Amylee Paris which release a beautiful energy and vivifying colours. That's why her paintings spread easily around the world... An artist to treasure!