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Ken Rausch - The Alchemist

  • 1 min read

Ken Rausch’s work was first discovered by Wyecliffe’s Director Ben Fry in 2014 whilst visiting US based artists at ArtExpo New York. Ben purchased every work available and four years on, Cincinnati artist Ken Rausch is still blazing a trail with his astonishing, constantly evolving ‘Alchemy’ artworks.

“At its essence, art is an alchemical process.
Alchemy is a process of transformation.”

- Julia Cameron

Starting with luxurious, thick copper panels; these satisfyingly tactile, large-scale works are etched with acid, fire, water and pigment. Battered, sanded and etched: specialised grinding tools are employed to render texture and depth… Finally, multiple layers of resin coat the surface to create a glass-like gloss sheen.

The result is a jaw-dropping parallax effect as multiple planes of texture, colour, reflectivity and shape move at different depths. A three-dimensional, almost holographic effect resulting in a constantly changing viewing experience.

His latest works take the celebrated 3D nature a step further, utilising the malleable properties of the copper; these tall pieces are sculpted into undulating wavelike structures, offering further opportunities for reflection, specular highlight and refraction.

Graduating with honors from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Ken still calls this city home. He is inspired by nature, particularly the verdant, valleys and rolling hills of Ohio’s “Queen City” district.

Highly sought-after by collectors throughout the USA, Canada and Panama, Wyecliffe is proud to be Rausch's only exhibiting gallery in the UK.

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