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Top 6 New & Emerging Artists You Need to Watch

  • 6 min read

Unearthing inventive talent

Immersing ourselves in the art world, Wyecliffe seeks to unearth the most inventive and avant-garde talent to compliment our portfolio of established artists. Connecting clients closely to the concept and making of their selected work, our goal is to help you build a rich and rewarding collection, that offers diversity and breadth in equal measure.


Artist Sannib is a British contemporary painter living and working in London. Of Syrian-Lebanese descent, the artist graduated in Graphic Design from the Syrian Design Center, spending 18 years in respected advertising and creative agencies in Kuwait, the UAE and London.

The young Sannib adored art and started to paint at the tender age of 10, teaching himself technique through natural instincts and independent research. Attending his first figurative and abstract painting lessons with the Syrian painter Farid Georges (a graduate of the Academia di Belle Arti di Roma), he studied the genres intensely. Later experimenting with different materials including acrylic paint and continuing his commitment to abstraction, Mard Issa of Gallery Issa became his new mentor.

Applying his background in graphic design and extensive education in history and technique, Sannib has crafted a unique blend of both worlds resulting in a collection of striking contemporary pop portraits. Combining iconic cultural figures with abstract stylings, Sannib applies the typography and brands from his advertising background to impactful effect.

Having exhibited internationally in global locations including Kuwait, Syria and England, Sannib is a rising star of the contemporary art scene.

"I find inspiration in bright colours, textures and lights. I discover my colour palette in nature's colour scheme, with a focus on the golden shades of the earth and the blue shades of the sea and sky..."

- Sannib

Tristan Hibberd

Having grown up surrounded by the art world and studying a degree in furniture design, Tristan Hibberd seeks to combine these two divergent disciplines and blur the lines between function and sculpture.

Inspired by Japanese origami, Tristan creates hand folded lotuses which make up each of his original works. Using a hands-on approach gives the artist the ability to push his materials to their limits and combine cutting-edge technology with traditional craft­smanship. Creating delicate three dimensional paintings which combine organic and natural forms bringing new life to this ancient tradition.

"Having grown up surrounded by the art world and studying my degree in furniture design, I seek to combine these two divergent disciplines that blur the lines between function and sculpture."

- Tristan Hibberd

Michael Olsen

Driven by a love of the 'simple, beautiful things that life has to offer', this remarkable artist decided to quit the life of a retailer and devote his time to his true passion: astonishing art. An enterprise that not only encapsulates Michael's love of craft and construction: but has led to the creation of remarkable wall-sculptures that now grace the walls of luxury houses, businesses and interiors worldwide.

"My knowledge of art is limited and was not kick-started until my mid 20’s. The desire to know more and have a better understanding, was kindled by my first wife some 40 years ago. Her passion and love for the topic gave me an insight into the allegory of art and what the artist might have been trying to convey to the viewer. Seeing works of art became less about acknowledging the skill of the artist but understanding more about what was meant by an apparently obscure or minute image placed within a scene."

"My butterfly art is both lyrical and realistic. The works convey the beauty of nature as well as a simple spirit-lifting splash of colour. My work brings the beauty of the meadow in the summer into your living room."

- Michael Olsen

Michael Summers

San Diego based artist Michael Summers was born in Los Angeles, CA in the 1970’s. His hippy-bohemian parents moved him to Joshua Tree before he could walk and, as a result, he grew up surrounded by an eclectic cavalcade of eccentric art-commune inhabiting social-dropouts, idealistic dreamers, and rural American free-thinkers. He left the state in his early twenties to find his own way in the world, and after living in such diverse places as Virginia, Missouri, and Texas, he returned to California to earn a fine art degree from San Diego State University.

He currently resides with his wife and four cats in Oceanside, California, where he enjoys working on his house, collecting vintage pop culture Americana, and diligently working on his meticulously crafted paintings. His work is shown regularly in San Diego, Laguna Beach and Las Vegas.

"For me, painting is about enjoyment; the joy of the creative process as well as the pleasure of viewing a well-crafted painting. It is a tool that allows me to reflect my own inner vision: creating the impossible and more importantly, making the impossible seem plausible. Each painting hints at a story of self-realization and gently pokes fun at our preconceived notions of reality and the extraordinary."

- Michael Summers

Becky Smith

With an agenda to create a dream-like reality, the artist absorbs her surroundings near and far to fuse ideas from the outer-most corners of our galaxy to the soil beneath our feet. With an adoration for nature found during exotic travels, many collections focus on the concept of paradise with flora and fauna in abundance. Wildlife can be traced to the artists’ love of animals; whales can be found amongst the stars, and jellyfish electrify in the oceans. Smith encourages us all to wonder and marvel at the brilliance of natural phenomena and take note of the inner artist that can be found within.

Driven by the versatility of material, Smith evolves her work with a vitality born from an inquisitive mind. Works on board are layered with the artist’s trademark acrylic paints and aerosol spray, laced with metallic leaf. The artist has explored the qualities of aluminium and copper sheets as the surface for her flourishing cherry blossom trees in an assortment of rainbow petals. With many works across her portfolio now charged with a seamless pigment radiating a UV charged glow, collectors can benefit from extraordinary compositions by day and by night. Illuminating with their physical presence and their freedom of thought, Smith’s original paintings are a welcome antidote to the concept of global catastrophe, celebrating the natural goodness this world and beyond has to offer.

"I am lucky enough to have found my passion from a young age and consider it a blessing that I am able to do something I love every day. Art allows me to connect with nature in a way I never have before and I channel that positive energy into my paintings."

- Becky Smith

Kim Rose

British artist Kim Rose is best known for her extraordinary wildlife paintings which capture the spirit of the animal world. Adoring art from a young age, the artist recalls her grandmother teaching her basic painting techniques and being taken to local arts clubs; it is here that a lifelong passion for art was born.

Though having a successful career in the health and leisure industry for 15 years, the dream of becoming a professional artist never left her. Taking the opportunity of time that lockdown presented, she re-ignited her artistic ambitions and begun to experiment with different mediums and her now recognised airbrush technique. Producing a flawless aesthetic, Kim Rose has mastered capturing the character of her subject with both finesse and humour.

Speaking of her work, Kim Rose muses, “Since moving to the Peak District I have enjoyed capturing the detail and realism of native wildlife. I paint close-up with little background interruption. To further personalise my work I hide my name in all my original pieces. The highlight of my career so far is having my work exhibited at Wyecliffe Galleries, I’ve always followed your artists on social media and always hoped I would be one of them.”

Taking advantage of her new location and access to the National Parks, the artist endeavours to create a personal connection between the viewer and animal in her artworks with compositions in which the subject occupies most of the canvas. Depicting meercats, ostriches and owls to name but a few, the artist’s exciting contemporary wildlife portraiture has already captivated a wave of collectors since her introduction to our portfolio. A rising star, Kim Rose is an artist to watch.

"I dedicate my art to capturing memories in the form of airbrushing, endeavouring to capture the personal connection between the viewer and the animal."

- Kim Rose

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